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GameDev Business
Потік для власників GameDev-студій а також маркетологів та продюсерів. Інвестиції в ігри, пошук та взаємовідносини з паблішерами, паблішинг власними силами, тренди ігрової індустрії і яскраві вітчизняні успіхи. Як побудувати студію та як нею управляти. Ідеальна команда проекту та де брати чи ростити кадри для індустрії.
GameDev Tech
Все те, що полегшує життя розробникам ігор і дозволяє не проводити роки за C++. І це не тільки Unity.
GameDev Indie
Потік для інді-розробників. Чи можливо в сучасному світі одному створити значний проект, які теми під силу інді-розробникам, інді-лайфстайл, історії успіху тих, хто прорвалися та багато цікавого.
Shadow Masters Games, Game/AI Designer
Vladyslav Leliashevskyi
About speaker:
Two years as Game and Game AI Design experience backboned by 7 years of coding.

Presentation Topic:
Art of Movement in Isometric RTS and MOBA games

More about presentation:
1) Main movement related challenges.
2) AI role in movement.

Game design
Левел-дизайн, створення персонажів, музика, створення історій. Творчість при створенні гри в її найвищому прояві.
Деякі теми вимагають більш детального розкриття, ніж це можливо на півгодинній доповіді. Цей потік саме для таких майстер класів, де прямо на місці можна навчитись чомусь новому.
Crazy Labs, Publishing Manager
Rockbite Games, Game Engineer
Grand Beats Production s.r.o., Creative Audio Director
G-Core Labs, Global Evangelist - Customer Engagement Lead
Shadow Masters Games, Game/AI Designer
Cicchi Consulting, Director
Shadow Masters Games, Game/AI Designer

Vladyslav Ieliashevskyi
About speaker:
Two years as Game and Game AI Design experience backboned by 7 years of coding.

Presentation Topic:
Art of Movement in Isometric RTS and MOBA games

AMC Bridge, Senior Geometry Developer

Kirill Nazarov

About speaker:
Senior Geometry Developer at AMC Bridge
5 years of doing geometry for desktop, mobile, web, cloud
Programming languages: C/C++, C#, Java, Go, JavaScript, Python, ObjC, Swift
He likes cross-platform APIs and standards

Presentation Topic:
Shaders and Shading Techniques

Rockbite Games, Game Engineer

Vahe Karamyan

About speaker:
Vahe Karamyan is a game engineer and a senior student at Yerevan State University faculty of informatics and applied mathematics. Having a genuine interest in video gaming, he has combined his knowledge in discrete mathematics and theoretical computer sciences.

Presentation Topic:
LUT combined with Emissive Rendering

Crazy Labs, Publishing Manager

Rotem Eldor

Presentation Topic:
Make a living from making games
Grand Beats Production s.r.o., Creative Audio Director

Jan Kadanec

About speaker:
Jan is a Creative Audio Director at Grand Beats Production. His background in electrical engineering and sound design allowed him to marry the art and technology of sound creation in video games.

Presentation Topic:
Importance of sound in video-games
G-Core Labs, Global Evangelist - Customer Engagement Lead
Manuel De Vits
About speaker:
More than 20+ years of experience in the sphere of commercial development of IT services and the automotive industry across the world.

Founder of Valyman Consulting, actively advising, mentoring and helping IT companies, CEO, Startups about sales, marketing, social media and customer relationship in Western and Eastern Europe.

Since 2019, involved in the Luxembourg company G-Core Labs, one of the biggest infrastructure providers worldwide. The infrastructure is specifically for the gaming industry and borne out of building the Guinness World record breaking IT infrastructure for Wargaming.

Hosting / CDN / DDoS / Cloud and Streaming Platform are the core services provide by G-Core Labs

Presentation Topic:
To be announced later
Cicchi Consulting, Director
Federico Cicchi
About speaker:
Federico Cicchi has an experience of more than 15 years in the Video Game Industry and has collaborated with some of the most important companies, including Ubisoft and Bethesda. He worked in three continents and lead the development of numerous successful games, included the Award Winning Mobile Game Fallout Shelter.

Federico is working as strategic marketing advisor for several videogame indie devs. He is the pioneer of Videogame Positioning and founder of the reference site:

He studied and applied Marketing and Brand Positioning with the best Marketing experts in the world:
- Frank Merenda, the first to introduce professional sales in Europe,
- Al Ries, marketing legend and creator of Brand Positioning,
- Dan Kennedy, the most authoritative person in the world in direct response marketing,
- Jay Abraham, unanimously considered the greatest expert and consultant in the world for strategic marketing.

Presentation Topic:
Videogame Positioning: The Success of your Game depends on it
Vectormonk, Gamedev
Danylo Syrotynskyi
About speaker:
Daniel is currently mobile indie developer. He is co-founder and lead developer in Dragon's Games. His portfolio includes hyper casual, 3d real time strategy, RPG, TBS and other games. He works with Unity since 2012 after he left Android enterprise outsourcing. Feel free to friend him on Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp or even in real life.

Presentation Topic:
Data oriented programming in Unity
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